Sunday, March 22, 2020

What can we do?

What Can You Do?

-Each Sunday you can find a message and worship recording on our website and Facebook page.

-As the days continue we may consider putting up additional resources for you to enjoy.

-Be in the Word of God on your own.  This is a unique opportunity to reconnect with God and practice the discipline of ‘sabbath’ and ‘listening’.

-Spend quality time with the family.  Movies, board games, and communication.  Make it happen!   

-Check on neighbours and loved ones.  Especially those who are at greater risk. 
-Ministry can happen by letting your light shine.  If you are well and are going out for supplies…ask someone who may not be as able, if they need anything.  

-Keep washing your hands…especially when you have been out.   Something simple is so important.

-Practice keeping your distance but keep being social.  The phone can help. 
-Giving can happen at our website and we will have a few times in which you can drop off tithes if that is your wish.  We understand that some are being laid off…please be wise with your finances…the church is also limited due to the crisis so be wise while being generous.  

-Counselling has been on going through email and Messenger.  Calls have taken place for counselling sessions as well.  Feel free to leave a message and we will get back to you in order of call.

-Check the phone, Facebook, and our website for details as this continues.

Phone:   902 245 4634