Saturday, June 25, 2016

 Meet the El-Ezzos!   Father-Fayez.  Mother-Thonaya.  Boys-Mohamed and Amir.
We start our "Mugs Offering" this Sunday.  Let us fill up those mugs and support the great work of "Digby Welcomes Refugees".

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Flower box looks awesome!  Thanks to Joy Potter and Lisa Wong for making it happen!  You two rock!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


What a long strange trip it’s been… the longest day...

Up at midnight in Lebanon, leave Beirut at 4:00 to fly to Frankfurt, then across the Atlantic to Toronto. Meeting with Immigration, then back in a plane to Halifax where a tired but excited group meets them, then a long drive in the fog to their final destination in Digby.
We welcome the El-Ezzo family from Syria: father Fayez, mother Thonaya, boys Mohamad (2) and Amir (1). They are the family we have been working to help. Now that they are here they are no longer refugees.

From far and wide to a new land to start a new life.This is what it is to be Canadian.
More to come when they are rested!  Thanks to everyone who made this rescue mission possible!