Monday, March 31, 2014

Neat News...

Kingwood University had a big announcement this past week:
On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Kingswood University, Chairman H. C. Wilson announced Friday, March 21, 2014, that the Saunders Irving Chapel is now debt-free. The inspiring worship facility that was dedicated in 2008 under the leadership of former President David Medders has been paid in full through the graciousness of God and the generosity of His people.
According to Kingswood University President Mark Gorveatte, numerous individuals, alumni, faculty, and staff, along with local churches, area businesses, and The Wesleyan denominational family, generously contributed gifts to see this project completed.
"Every gift, both large and small, was greatly needed," said Dr. Gorveatte. "And, all gifts have been deeply appreciated."
The Saunders Irving Chapel was named in memory of Mrs. Jean Irving's grandfather, Rev. A. H. Saunders who faithfully proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Atlantic Canada. Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Irving were the lead donors to launch the capital campaign with a major gift in December 2000. Mrs. Irving, along with Dr. John Maxwell, served as Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign.
The Irvings have made additional significant contributions in the past few months that enabled Kingswood University to successfully conclude the capital campaign on February 28, 2014, with the chapel debt paid in full. This magnificent project would not have been envisioned and completed without the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Irving.
"We are humbled by the partnership of each one who gave to this Christ-honoring project," said Dr. Wilson. "Above all, we are forever grateful to God for His faithfulness and blessing to Kingswood University through the years since our founding in 1945 in Woodstock, New Brunswick. May God alone receive our highest and lasting praise!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Update from our Missionary to Japan, Robin White

The above picture is from my Thursday afternoon kids English class, who have just finished their third year together! It's hard to believe it's been that long, but I'm super thankful for the good relationships that have been built through this and my other English classes. In addition to finishing another year of kids classes, in February we also hosted an English Club event.  These all-ages events are held from time-to-time as a "next step" in building spiritual bridges between our students and the church. February's was an Olympic themed event, and we had about 30 people take part, including a good handful of non-Christians. Thank you for your continuing prayers for these ministries!

Please be praying for the following things in March:

1. English Cafe (a casual time of English conversation practice) is this Friday night (3/7).

2. The Immanuel Church's annual national conference (3/11-13) with guest speaker Dr. Joanne Lyon. This is a time of worship and learning for the pastors of Immanuel churches, along with business meetings.  It's also when pastors receive their appointments and church transitions begin.

3. Leading worship at prayer meeting here in Nagoya (3/23).

4. Partnership Development. I've started planning my schedule for my time back in North America starting in late June. Please pray for this planning and prep time. Pray, too, that we can find someone to cover my English classes during my absence; there are some possibilities but nothing definite yet.